kookiemonstar (kookiemonstar) wrote,

Tokyo Shounen [2008 J-Movie]

After half a year of waiting! and I was able to watch it yesterday. Was a bit disappointed.

The story is that of a girl Minato who has a double sided personality (her other half being Night). Maki did a very good job. When she is Night, you can see a dramatic change in her eyes and posture so it's a bit freaky as well as funny.
Minato falls in love with a fellow called Shou who always buys from the convenient store she works at. Shou is played by Takuya Ishida. His character was pretty boring to say the least...

Secondly, You can't escape the dead silences in J-Movies. The ones in Tokyo Shounen weren't so bad but I can guarantee at least 1/4 of it was painful silence.

The movie is broken up into 3 different perspectives - Minato's, Shou's and Night's. This meant that scenes were repeated (at different angles). This way of storytelling was very clever and leaves you figuring out what happened.

Kookiemonstar's Rating: 7/10
Tags: maki horikita, shonen, shou, tokyo shounen

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