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Koizora [2007 J-Movie]

Koizora is a mobile story based on the true experiences of the author Mika.
Tahara Mika (Aragaki Yui) and Sakurai “Hiro” Hiroki (Miura Haruma) are high schoolers who fall in love and go through ups and downs in their relationship. The events were quite predicatable but this is okay considering it is based on real-life.

Yui and Haruma play really likeable characters. Yui plays Mika who is a first year, innocent and hasn't fallen in love until she meets Hiro. Yui plays her character really well because you can see the emotion in her eyes.
Hiro is a 'bad boy' with the standout blondish-white messy hair. I thought Haruma was nothing but a pretty face but was proved wrong when he had to do a crying scene! Koide Kesuke, who plays Fukuhara Yu rival lover to Hiro, is also likable. Probably the first rival I've ever seen in a movie that makes me want the female lead to be with (though I haven't watched many). He's equally good looking too, XD.

There is good cinematography such as the nice blue skies and Hiro's favourite place which is grassy plains :). After reading some blogs I found out the school the characters go to is in the countryside, which surprised me a bit because it seemed like the city.

Koizora is a good movie for girls to watch XD It's a bit sad and a tad heartwrenching but I don't think its to the point of crying (probably because they didn't develop the sad situation long enough).

Kookiemonstar's rating: 8.5/10

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