kookiemonstar (kookiemonstar) wrote,

Kung Fu Panda [2008]

Kung Fu Panda is a fun and entertaining movie, though a bit short in my opinion. I don't think the character names were mentioned at all... or maybe they were just called their respective animal names.
Celebrities lent their voices for the movie but it seemed like Dustin Hoffman got most of the dialogue. He did a good job as ShiFu whether in hilarious or serious sitationg.
I don't think I heard Jackie Chan say a line longer than 5 words which was a bit disappointing. Angelina Jolie received a bit extra but I don't think she had many lines either. Jack Black did an great job. I think my ears was filled with awesomeness XD. The only voice I had problem with was the one who did Tai Lung. Seriously, the voice was so out of place; It was nowhere near evil and didn't fit with the appearance. There was little dialogue for him but whenever he spoke, it was terrible!!!
The movie could've went on for longer to develop the characters because we don't know much about them (the furious five). The only character who seemed to develop by the end is Po, the panda. His change was a bit too fast in the 1hr and 20 minutes but in the end he still retains stupidity XD.
Now about the Kung fu: All the kung fu scenes were well drawn and animated and very fun to watch. Music: Hard to miss the chinese elements in the background music. It reminded me vaguely of The Forbbiden Kingdom movie because that consisted of many chinese elements too.

Although the movie was short, it was full of hilarious jokes and puns! I wouldn't say there was any lesson that could be learnt from it but 'There is no secret to being good at something, you find out when you believe.'

Kookiemonstar's Rating: B+

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