도레미파솔라시도 Doremifasolatido [2008 Movie]

This story is based on a fanfiction by Guiyeoni which got famous and deserved a film for it. The movie was made in 2006 but not released until April of this year. (I found out about this movie around April so I'm glad I didn't wait that long.) Well I watched the trailer first and it was pretty interesting. Then last week I watched the movie and was a bit disappointed.

Maybe it's because I didn't read the fanfiction so I didn't know what was going on. The first 20 minutes in were great but then the rest turned crazy... There is no logical explanation or signs that one character had a sickness. Well, the character (Eun Gyu) who's singing on stage stops singing and tells the audience "I can't sing anymore." He says goodbye to his lover in the crowd who doesn't chase after him and he ends up getting a strange disease where he acts like a kid and actually hates the music he's loved for most of his life. What's with that?

The other 'strong and mean' lead guy (he once ordered a bunch of guys to beat up the female lead) turns out weak and helpless when the story just unfolds. Overall, the characters didn't have much depth to make you sympathise with them. There were some entertaining moments and a few laughs but that was it.

Kookiemonstar's Rating: 7/10

The Forbidden Kingdom [2008 Movie] Review

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Very minor spoilers ahead.

I love the plot of the Forbidden Kingdom! It's interesting and unpredictable. The writers of the film used many famous chinese tales intertwined to create a strong plot for the film. Some parts of the film were illogical, but that's expected from many fantasy-type movies. The ends were tied nicely but some turned out not how what I wanted it to be. It's approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes long which seemed a bit short but very fulfilling. Nothing was rushed, the ending was well planned out. This film was action packed and very fun, with comedy tied in. You know how after an hour or so, something happens that ties in with the beginning and seems clever? Well that's what happens in the Forbbiden Kingdom!

Soundtrack & Cinematography
The soundtrack was excellent :O:O They used traditional chinese instruments like the flutes, harps and big drums tied in with the classical stuff. Very epic feeling and fitting for the plot. The scenery was awesome, the cast actually went to film in the Gobi Desert and other parts of China. The CGI was great and added to the exciting epic feel.

Now for the acting! As expected, Jackie Chan and Jet Li were very good. Their parts were acted out well and the kung fu scenes between these two were excellent and enjoyable to watch. I should rephrase that: All the fighting scenes amongst everyone were well done! There was not a moment where I wanted to dose off, I was kept at the edge of my seat and each scene was satisfying. Out of the two, I would say Jackie had the better english speaking skills. Both played two characters (which was one ultimately, you'll know what I mean if you watch it!) and they totally pinned it. Jackie was a hop who opened a bootleg thrift shop plus being immortal Lu Yan and Jet played a silent monk and the monkey king (孙悟空). Their face expressions were all top notch.

The main character is Jason Tripitikas played by Michael Angarano who is an American kid with a love for all things Kung fu related. He manages to gain a good amount of spotlight among the presence of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. There is good character development particularly in this character and it makes the movie more worthwhile to see him taking action and show courage as opposed to being weak and passive. His acting and expressions were also very good.

Liu yi fei played Golden Sparrow (小燕子) an orphan who seeks to kill the Jade Warlord (Collin Chou) for killing her mother. She was a potential love interest for Jason and the producers allow the audience to interpret what happens at the end. Liu yi fei's english was pretty good. She pronounces words very well. The scenes between Golden Sparrow and Jason kind of lacked chemistry, partly due to the fact the movie was quite short and they did not spend a great deal of time together but it worked out okay.

The 'bad guys' Jade Emperor by Collin Chou and 白发魔女 (white-haired witch/Ni chang) played by Li Bing Bing did superb jobs. Li Bing Bing has the beauty and perfect expressions and it worked well for her character. Her scenes were really acted out well, she's the type of bad character that is likeable. Too much eye shadow for the Jade emperor I must say, it was kind of distracting when he talked haha. His cold eyes and powerful voice made him an excellent bad guy.

I thought this movie was going to be a bit cheesy but it was less than I expected! Love the dialogue especially the puns and comedic meaning.

"Jason: I'll never forget you
Lu Yan: I guess that's what being immortal truly means" <--Haha!

Kookiemonstar's Rating: A :):):):)!

Tegomass - Ai ai Gasa [2008]

^ Credit to happyheartmee@youtube

I was jumping up and down when I heard Tegomass was going to release a single. Their previous single Kiss ~ Kaerimichi no Love Song for Lovely Complex was really good. The only thing good about Neo Angelique Abyss would be the ending song. (I gave episode 1 a try and it was awful)
In Ai ai gasa, Tegomass's great, clear, awesome, sweet voices are back! They harmonise really well. No need to wait 2 weeks to hear the whole song because the PV came out! :D Although it has a repetitive tune, there's no need to replay that 1:30 clip ripped from the anime ending, haha.
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